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Born and bred for Africa. The PinZ²yl brings together thousands of years of natural selection in an African environment of the Nguni breed, and the production and performance qualities of the Pinzgauer breed to introduce an economic and low maintenance cattle breed to Africa.

The Mathomo PinZ²yl stud is managed by ZZ2 Livestock Division and is one of the founding members of the PinZ²yl breed. The herd has been grazing and dwelling in the Mooketsi valley, Limpopo, since 1998 when Paul Bester, General Manager of ZZ2 Livestock Division and President of the Pinzgauer Cattle Breeders Society of South Africa, started breeding Nguni cows with Pinzgauer bulls. Paul experimented with 14 different breeds to find the combination that would best suit extensive cattle farming in a harsh African environment. Thus the PinZ²yl was born. Paul Bester and like-minded South African breeders met with academics, including, Prof Eddie Webb, Dr Este von Marle-Koster and other experts like Dr Michiel Scholtz and Joel Mamabolo in 2009 to discuss the future of the breed. The ball was set in motion and on 2 October 2009 the Registrar of animal improvement announced in the government gazette that the PinZ²yl has been accepted as a breed under evaluation.

The name – PinZ²yl – refers to the Pinzgauer origins of the breed as well as ZZ2 and Mr Tommie van Zyl, CEO of the company, who is acting as sponsor of the PinZ²yl project. The “2” in the middle of PinZ²yl refers not only to ZZ2 but also refers to bringing together the best of two very different worlds – the oldest indigenous pure breed in South Africa - the Nguni and the oldest European pure breed the Pinzgauer.

The PinZ²yl is the newest cattle breed in South Africa and is a composite breed consisting of the indigenous Nguni and the South African Pinzgauer. The PinZ²yl is a fertile, hardy African bovine that is adapted to produce both beef and milk with minimum maintenance costs. The PinZ²yl identifies as a medium frame dual-purpose breed. The PinZ²yl has a short coat with the traditional Pinzgauer white back and the unique spotted pattern of the Nguni.

The PinZ²yl cattle's genetic composition is aimed at combining the hardiness and fertility of the indigenous Nguni with the production capabilities and carcass traits of the Bos Taurus. The PinZ²yl is a veld breed with low maintenance and management cost and retains the beautiful and valuable patterned hide of the Nguni. The PinZ²yl cow's higher milk yields promise a healthier and heavier weaner-calf.

The Nguni is certainly one of the hardiest cattle breeds with an uncanny knack to thrive in the hot African climate. These small-frame indigenous cattle have the advantage of thousands of years of natural selection for smaller birth weights, hardiness and resistance from tick borne diseases. The Pinzgauer adds to the PinZ²yl in performance – higher milk yields and better beef qualities. The combination and selection of these two breeds gives you the Pin²Zyl – a truly economic, low maintenance cattle breed – born and bred for Africa.

For more information please contact Paul Bester 0836276899 or 0153958377 or e-mail us at grootboom@zz2.biz

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